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Gelbensande Hunting Lodge Museum

Gelbensande Hunting Lodge

The Gelbensande Hunting Lodge was built in 1887 in the middle of the forest "Rostocker Heide".  The grand duke of Mecklenburg Friedrich Franz III. and his wife Anastasia (doughter of the russian grand prince Michail Nikolajewitsch Romanow) spent their time here to recreate. The Cecilienhof Palace in Potsdam was built according to the Gelbensande Hunting Lodge. Cecilie, the doughter of Friedrich Franz III., was engaged with crown prince Wilhelm of Preussen, son of emperor Wilhelms II. .

open daily 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., entrance fee for adults: 4,50 € (reduction for kids)
Adress: Am Schloss 1, 18182 Gelbensande


Guided Tour Rostock

City of Rostock, Neuer Markt

Welcome to Rostock- the charming and fascinating city, sited on the banks of the river Warnow.

Rostock was one of the first hanseatic cities and had great power and influence during the Middle Ages. The first university in the Baltic Sea region was founded here in 1419.

Explore the historical attractions at a guided tour: the monumental Mariachurch with its precious astronomical clock or the Abbey of the Holy Cross. 

May - Sep: Mon - Sat 2:00 p.m., Thu 6:00 p.m., Sun 11:00 a.m. 
Oct: Mon - Sat  2:00 p.m., Sun 11:00 a.m.;  Nov - Apr:  Sat 2:00 p.m.
ca. 90 min., price per person: 7,00 €

Meeting point: Tourist- Information, Universitätsplatz 6, 18055 Rostock


Guided Tour Warnemuende

Warnemünde, Ümgangsbrunnen in der Alexandrinenstraße

Experience the seaside resort Warnemünde- the most beautiful part of Rostock. The white sandy beach, the romantic timber-framed houses, sleepy squares and boats galore make you enjoy the seaside feeling. 

Listen to lots of historical stories about this former fishing village at a guided tour.

Jan - Mar/ Nov - Dec: Sat 11:00 a.m.; 
Apr - Oct: Tue 6:00 p.m., Thu and Sat 11:00 a.m.
ca. 90 min., price per person: 5,00 €

Meeting point: Tourist- Information  vis à vis Hotel "Am Alten Strom"


Warnemuende Local History Museum

Local History Museum Warnemünde

The museum is located in an old fishing house, built in 1767.

Here you will be informed by exhibits on the history of fishery, of seafaring, of pilotage and sea rescue in Warnemünde.

Visit also the living room, the kitchen, the sleeping room  and the hall of the listed house you'll get an idea on the living conditions in the late 19th century.

open Tue - Sun 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., entrance fee for adults: 3,00 € (kids: 1,00 €)

Adress: Alexandrinenstraße 31, 18119 Warnemünde


Marine and Maritime Museum Rostock

Marine and Maritime Museum Rostock

Germany's largest floating museum shows you the whole world of seafaring and shipbuilding tradition.

A huge treat for the whole family: the mini port system, may prove the big and small captains their seafaring skills.  

open Tue - Sun 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., free entrance   


Miniature Park miniland MV


Discover Mecklenburg- West Pomerania on scale of 1:25. The most interesting and famous buildings like castles, manor houses, the most beautiful churches, towers, gates and mills of different ages are exhibited in the midst of wonderful nature.

 Jun - Sep open daily 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
entrance fee per adult: 5,50 € (kids 3,00 €)

Adress: Schlager Straße 13, 18196 Dummerstorf/ Göldenitz 


Ozeaneum Stralsund


OZEANEUM Stralsund is a declaration of love to the oceans. It is situated an hour's drive from Warnemünde and invites you to an underwater journey through the northern seas and presents exhibition about the Baltic Sea, the Giants of the Seas and much more.

Get an impression of different marine habitats from the "Bodden" (shallow bay) as well as the open Atlantic. The final highlight of all exhibitions is "Giants of the Sea". The hall with a height of approximately 20 meters and 30 meters length accommodates whales and other giants of the seas at their original size. 

open daily, entrance fee: 17,00 €/ adults; 8,00 €/ children  (reduction for families) 

Adress: Holzstraße 1, 18439 Stralsund (3 minutes walk) 


TheTreasury of Nature


Mushrooms, vermin, native birds and mammals, minerals, gemstones, shells and snail shells are only a small fraction of all you can discover in The Treasury Of Nature.

In ten areas there are presented 60,000 exhibits to explore the treasures of the earth.

open daily, entrance fee for adults: 6,00 € (reduction for kids)   

Natur-Schatzkammer und Paradiesgarten, Ribnitzer Landweg 2, 18311 Neuheide


Cruise on the Stern Wheeler "Schnatermann"

Stern Wheeler "Schnatermann" in Warnemuende

Go on a trip with the stern wheeler "Schnatermann" which is named by the historical guesthouse "Schnatermann", located in the midst of the nature protection area "Rostocker Heide".

You can stay here for a coffee break or continue to the seaside resort Markgrafenheide. Enjoy the beautiful nature!

Price per person:  Warnemünde- Schnatermann- Warnemünde: 10,00 € 

                             Warnemünde- Markgrafenheide- Warnemünde: 15,00 € 


Harbour Tours

Harbour Tours in Warnemuende

The cruises around the Rostock harbour are starting just around the corner. Discover the port of Rostock and have a spectacular view at the highly modern shipyards, the skyline of Rostock and close- up the cruise ships

Price per person: 9,00 € (ca. 60 minutes)


Mini-Cruise at the "Baltica"

Mini-Cruise at the Baltic Sea

Take a Baltic Sea Mini-Cruise from Warnemünde to Kühlungsborn (western direction) or Graal- Müritz (eastern direction). The tour takes circa 90 minutes. The vessel "Baltica" goes from April to October.

Harbour Tour combined with Mini- Cruise (daily except Thu) Price per person: 8,50 € (reduction for kids)

Mini- Cruise to Kühlungsborn (daily except Thu & Sun) Price per person: 21,50 € (reduction for kids)

Mini- Cruise to Graal- Müritz (Sun) Price per person: 21,50 € (reduction for kids) 


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