Wellness- Ayurveda, Bath, Beauty, Massages, Packs and Peelings, Sauna

A healthy spirit in a healthy body- this has the mankind known for more than 2000 years. Enjoy a relaxing time and become the most important person for us. Receive curative treatments by professional therapists, rebuild yourself by natural and regional ingredients and the power of the sea in the Thalasso- Therapy.



Ayurveda- Massage

Ayurveda is one of the worlds oldest healing systems which has been developed in India more than 5000 years ago. It is based on balance between mind, body and spirit. High quality massage oils are used to detox and heal the body as well as stimulate the cell regeneration.




95,00 €


Garshan silk glove massage                                             

65,00 €


Massage with hot herbal stamps                    

49,00 €



Bath with essential oils

Enjoy a bath with the natural and local additives seasalt, Ruegen chalk, honey and mud.

The bathes make you feel relaxed, detox the body and neutralize excess acid as well as moisturize the skin.
Dive in from tip to toe!



Thalasso (with seasalt & essential oils)                                

44,00 €


Bath with Rügen chalk, honey and essential oils

44,00 €


Mud bath                                             

44,00 €


Bath with essential oils          

39,00 €



Sound Therapy

Experience well- being and inner harmony! Touch- it is a key component of tradional healing and one of the oldest medical treatments of the mankind.



Back massage                 

33,00 €


Full body massage with sallow thorn oil         

75,00 €


Full body massage

65,00 €


Chinese massage

75,00 €



37,00 €


Hot- stone- massage

85,00 €


Sound therapy    

65,00 €


Packs & Peelings

Packs and Peelings

Relaxing packs activate perfusion, metabolism and immune defence as well as assuage pain. We recommend peelings to prepare the skin for packs.



Body Peeling                
+ back massage   
+ body massage   

39,00 €

70,00 €

98,00 €


Mud pack & back massage 

48,00 €


Body pack (only back) with mud                          
Rügen chalk

18,00 €

38,00 €

45,00 €



Beauty Treatment

The sea has always been the natural source of beauty. Our beautician pampers your skin with moisturizing cosmetic products from sea mud extract, vitamin-rich seaweed and mineral rich salts.



Classic basic treatment

60,00 €


Anti- Age treatment 

105,00 €


Permanent make- up

From 199,00 €


Coloration of eyebrows

8,00 €


Coloration of eyelashes

10,00 €


Coloration of eyebrows & eyelashes

15,00 €


with nail polish

35,00 €
48,00 €


Pedicure with foot massage

49,00 €



Sauna is free for our guests.

After a long walk at the beach in autumn or winter and a fresh breeze from the sea enjoy to warm up. The use of our sauna is free of charge for hotel guests (towels and bathrobe included).



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